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Spotlight On St. Clair – St. Clair Veterinarian Facilities

Spotlights On St. Clair

“Ever since I was five years old, on my dad’s cattle farm in rural northern Ontario, I have wanted to be a veterinarian. Thirty years since graduating from vet college, I haven’t changed my mind. St. Clair Veterinary at #779 was the first clinic I worked for and I worked there for about 30 years. That vet hospital was started in 1947 by Dr Edith Williams, and it’s probably one of the oldest business in Hillcrest Village. Dr Williams was a lady veterinarian and that was unheard of at the time in a man’s world but times change and so do client expectations. Walking along the Avenue every day, I ate at its restaurants and patronised the various stores and cafes. The neighbourhood felt special. It had the same small town feeling that I was used to – I felt at home. So I stayed in the ‘hood at St. Clair veterinary and eventually bought it. Two years ago, I moved my hospital next door to #777where Robert Ashley Hair Design had been for 20 years before moving across the street. I reopened it as a fully-renovated, modern clinic, however, #779 holds a lot of memories. I’ve seen St. Clair change quite a bit in terms of ethnicities, there was a big Hispanic inflow in the 90s alongside the outlasting Portuguese population here, actually plenty of my staff speaks Portuguese. And who are my clients these days? Some of my current clientele were children when Dr Williams practised here! How’s that for continuity in the neighbourhood? Many other clients also come here because their parents or grandparents did. Hillcrest Village is a great place to live and raise a family, be it children, dogs, or cats. You can see that through all the Avenue shops that offer dog bowls of water. That’s why St. Clair is my ideal neighbourhood: family-friendly and pet-friendly. ” (Dr. Heather Hannah, St. Clair Veterinary Facilities)” (Dr. Heather Hannah, St. Clair Veterinary Facilities) –