Spotlight On St. Clair – Nino’s Hair Styling 2019-09-05T18:18:31+00:00

Spotlight On St. Clair – Nino’s Hair Styling

Spotlight on St. Clair

“My father used to send me to the barber to cut hair and I would cut hair and I enjoyed doing it. I made my living doing it and that’s about all. I was 10 years old when I started and now I’m 78– I’ve been doing this all my life. I’ve been at this location for 22 years. I used to be at St. Clair and Oakwood and in about 5 months it’s going to be 50 years I’ve been doing hair. This neighbour has changed in every way over the years; especially after that TTC situation, things got a little slower for many of the businesses– not my business, I have a pretty established clientele. But generally speaking, all the stores weren’t too happy with it. Many people had to change their business but thank god, mine was good. I think I’ve built a pretty good reputation for myself and to see people coming in and see new customers come in based on the good recommendations of other clients, it’s been great. I haven’t really experienced much struggle this whole time, things have always been pretty steady. So I figure it out because generally sometimes I’ll have a slow week but the next week will be a big week with catching up. What’s been the “peak” of working here? I’m just always happy to see a customer come back.” (Nino, Nino’s Hair Styling)