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Spotlight On St. Clair

Spotlights On St. Clair; Kay Pacha

“We have been operating just over a year, having opened in December of last year. We have been very well received by the neighbourhood in Hillcrest Village and I couldn’t be happier with the reception we have had! Our cuisine is what we call modern Peruvian food – it is smaller plates, with traditional tastes, presented in a tapas form. Peruvian food is the biggest and fastest growing food trend at the moment. The reason for that is because Peru has Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Creole and Spanish influences. In the last 10 years, the Michelin Guide has given Peru a whole bunch of different accolades. There have been a lot of Peruvian chefs that are very well received on the World stage. There are such great Latin flavours but you will also find things like stir-fries and things that are very Asian inspired, there is a great bio-diversity in Peruvian food making dishes colourful and healthy! At Kay Pacha we are known for our cebiche. We do a classic ceviche, which is a fresh, white ocean fish, which we have delivered to us multiple times daily. The fish is cured and in lime juice and seasoned in salt, with Peruvian peppers, cilantro and a little bit of evaporated milk. In this dish there is acidity, salt and sweetness that people just love, it has to be experienced! I think that Hillcrest is great because it is very inclusive; it incorporates different types of businesses. I really feel there is economic diversity in this area and there is an energy here that we saw two years ago and that we wanted to be a part of. Hillcrest really has a great synergy and it is only going to get better. My favourite part about running a business in Hillcrest Village is when we were doing construction we had people being genuinely excited about our restaurant opening. When we opened we were full, we didn’t advertise and we were lucky that people were curious because there is a real community here, it makes you forget that you are in a big city. It is a real pleasure to be here, in Hillcrest Village.” (Ricardo Chico, Kay Pacha @kay_pacha_toronto )