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Spotlight On St. Clair – Ecoexistence

Spotlights On St. Clair

“Sort of at the beginning of purchasing the company I was working for, I thought, for a tenth of that price I could open my own business and start something I was passionate about. When I first opened, I actually had to build a giant wall because I couldn’t fill the store and now I could possibly take over the store next door so I’ve actually seen the difference in 10 years. My customers are super loyal and wonderful; they make me happy every day. It’s been a real treat to see people’s patterns changing in being more aware. We’ve really become an amazing community on St. Clair West; it was pieced up after the “right of way”. The Wychwood Barns actually occurred right at the same time as me and so that’s also been a massive community hub. It’s rather shocking because I opened the store a week after the world economy collapses in 2008, so I didn’t think I was going to make it until the end of 2008. As for the businesses, we all do lots of little stuff together. Krave (@kravecoffee) and I just did a basket to co-promote that she opened her juice bar so we’re always thinking of fun things like that. People can stop by on October 30th, we have door prizes and there’s going to be a discount that day, we’re just trying to decide how much. Otherwise, people are more than welcome to come to join us.” (Kim, @ecoexistence)